Here’s some links to other web sites you might like.

First of all, if you like Sue’s writing here check out the poetry and photography blog she and her friend Diane Torello Moger publish: Wednesday Wisdom.

The Fiberglass RV forum has discussions of lots of tiny trailer topics. It’s where we learned about the Lil Snoozy.

The Lil Snoozy manufacturer’s web site.

Jon Vermilye’s mother-of-all links small RV website

Dan and Marlene write about full timing in a 25′ Airstream while raising three little kids in Mali Mish

Chris and Cherie write about the convergence of life on the road, earning a living and mobile technology at Technomadia. This is a professional quality piece with lots of good tech tips on everything from buying an old bus to lithium batteries to wifi hotspots.

Debbi Lynn has created a new on-line magazine of interest to minimalist trailer campers. She says Live Laugh Roll was created as a resource specifically for those that want to take their work and their passions on the road. Working from the road is now a true reality. The internet is everywhere the sun shines and we are going to search out the best gear and the best stories and deliver back the inspiration, the how-to, and the support.”

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