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I retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management a few years ago and with Sue retiring also we decided to try the life of seasonal nomads. Two of our three grown children live in the south and the winter in Michigan seems to get colder every year in spite of global warming so we are wandering through Florida with occasional stops to see the kids.

The tiny trailer idea comes from Sue’s notion to try a more minimalist life-style and my love for building things and technical gadgets. Believe me, this little trailer is one big gadget. Plus I’ve got my new hobby with me wherever we go.


Small places have always intrigued me. As a child I would sit in our family car to read when I got bored at my Grandmother’s house. Adults have a way of discussing boring things for a long time, at least that is what I thought when I was young. There I would fantasize about how I could create an entire house in the car and go traveling around the world in it.

Now, my husband Denny and I are pulling our small home behind us as we wander our way through this part of our lives. Being a retired teacher, I now have the time to set off on adventures in my small home away from home, and time to pursue writing, photography and the observation of life.

14 thoughts on “About us

  1. Enjoying your blog. Related to your story about watching the eaglet eat the fish. Dick and I breakfasted along with a red tailed hawk once who was chowing down on a rabbit in our back yard. Gross but interesting.

  2. Best wishes to both of you. I’m getting my vicarious retirement thrills by reading your blogs. Hope to see you when and if it gets warm here come summer. Dan and

    • Hi Dan, we are looking forward to a warm weather visit too, maybe with a boat ride thrown in, that is if there is any water left in the lakes.

  3. We were intrigued reading about your travels with the Lil Snoozy trailer, as we just saw three of them this weekend.
    So, as an engineer what can you tell me about the trailer? You indicated that it is one big “gadget”. Is that good or bad. Wife liked it too, and we are considering buying one later this year, but I am not handy and want something reliable with little need for service or repair.

    • David, Glad you found our blog. Where did you see three Snoozys together? We have never seen another one.

      My ‘gadget’ comment was meant in a good way. I like to build things and built some of our Snoozy’s interior plus did some of the wiring and some of the plumbing. As we have lived in it we have discovered many little projects to do and had a few problems that required fixing. All things I enjoy.

      The Lil Snoozy Club forum has a thread about owners reporting what has gone wrong with their trailers. You can look there for info.

      I asked on the Fiberglass RV forum if other brands of trailers were really trouble free and got many comments about problems with Casitas, Scamps, etc.

      I don’t think any trailer manufacturer, including Airstream, offers the level of quality you would find in a modern car. They just don’t have the quality systems and continuous improvement philosophy common in the auto industry.

      That said trailers are a helluva lot easier to fix than a car! Systems are very basic and parts are cheap and easy to find.

      The negative for any fiberglass trailer is none of them have dealers so you are relying on a local shop fix any problems and get reimbursed from the factory. No dealers though means the trailers are probably 20% less expensive than they would be otherwise.

      Bottom line, having lived in the Snoozy for 4 months, I’d buy another one. Something we should have done, though, was take up Alan’s offer to camp locally for a few days and then bring it back to the plant for any needed repairs.

      If you have more questions email me at wolfeboatsatgmaildotcom

  4. I am interested in the trailer, but I live in California. What type of configurations do they have for the bathroom…is it very small? Do you know of any used ones for sale?

    • The bathroom is about 2′ x 3.5′, pretty small but big enough for me. Everything in a trailer this small is, well, small. Compromises everywhere.

      There is a Lil Snoozy Owners Club on the web. I’ve seen two used ones for sale there but don’t think there are any now. They sell fast and are all so new that you would not save much over buying brand new.

  5. Hi! We met at Davis mountains SP where we kept bumping into each other. Love the blog and descriptions of the mods. After reading about you both I feel like kindred spirits with both of you! I love my trailer for the ability it affords me to tinker and repair, and a trailer never disappoints in that regard! And Sue, small spaces rule! My little trailer is my personal “doll house”. I love the comfort and coziness of small spaces so much I even have a little meditation/ukelele practice corner in my walk in closet at home! Holly and I enjoyed meeting you both. Safe and happy travels!

  6. Hi Denny,
    We communicated a ways back…probably over a year. I still follow your adventures. Am wondering if you’re not traveling this winter. No current posts. I’ve enjoyed following you here and the informative posts on technical info.

    • Hi Vince, no posts because we’re not camping this winter. Spending time with family members in the south.

      We still love camping though and hope to do a major trip through the western US maybe next fall.

  7. Hello. Would love to talk with you about your snoozy. Love the layout you all have. Could you please email me or call me at 423-653-0081

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