S5E1 – Camping again

The Snoozy has been sitting idle for fifteen months; our last camping adventure had been at Cages Bend in Gallatin, TN in May 2015. (Astute readers will notice we skip fromS3E15 to S5E1.)  We didn’t use it at all last winter as we had our new condo (and new grand daughter) in TN. When we came back to Michigan in April our focus was on getting our house ready to sell.

With the house as fixed up as it’s going to get I’ve been fiddling around with the trailer, mostly just for something to do. When the fiddling opportunities ran out we decided to actually go camping for a few days.

There is a nice Michigan State Park right on the St. Clair river just 3 miles south but that’s too close and too familiar to have the get-away-from-it-all vibe. Instead we went to the next closest one, Lakeport State Park, about an hour’s drive north of us on the shore of Lake Huron. Even in mid-July campsites are easy to come by on week days so no problem getting a reservation. In fact I should have saved the $8 reservation fee and just shown up. Probably one third of the sites were vacant.

We left home Monday mid-morning and by noon had the water tank full and everything set up on site #124.  

When getting water Sue noticed wild raspberries growing on the edge of the woods so we went back to claim some for tomorrow’s cereal. Turned out there are raspberries and black berries practically everywhere here. We easily got probably a quart along the road then noticed a line of berry bushes right behind the trailer. Our three mile hike Tuesday afternoon was more like a three mile graze as we stopped for a fresh raspberry snack every few minutes.

Monday afternoon was spent lazing around the campsite reading then a nice walk along the shore. The good beaches (think Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Lakeshore) are all on the eastern shores of the Great Lakes due to prevailing westerly winds building up sand for the last 10,000 years but here there is a sandy, gravelly margin that’s still pretty and the view is Carribean blue water as far as the eye can see.

Tuesday’s highlight was meeting Jean and Craig Coverdill at their cottage a few miles north of here and driving into Lexington for lunch and a walk out onto the breakwater. Sweetwater Gourmet Deli and Bar has great pizza and a nice outdoor courtyard. Highly recommended.

There are no natural harbors along this stretch of the Lake so the state has built marinas protected by massive stone jetties every thirty miles or so. It’s fun to walk out to the end.

There’s also a great frozen custard place, Bunny’s a few miles S of Lexington so we couldn’t pass up a mid-afternoon ice cream cone.

Wednesday we went up to Port Sanilac, the next town north of Lexington, to get lunch and just look around. We expected a bar with eight kinds of burgers and instead found the Stone Lodge with a wide ranging menu. I had a portobello Napoleon; Sue got a quinoa, rice, pepper salad.

Another breakwater and this time a nicer beach than the park campground. We walked almost two miles before our way was blocked by a jetty.

And of course another stop at Bunnys on the way home.

Our friends, the Moger’s, live just up the lake.  They rode their bikes to our campsite for dinner Wednesday.  Sue managed a great eggplant (fresh from our garden) casserole on the barbecue grill.  The evening was too warm for a campfire but we had a good time anyway chatting around the fire pit.  

The moon, just one day past full, showed up over the lake right on schedule at 9:26 PM.

Thursday morning we drove over to Moger’s and borrowed their kayaks for a paddle along the shore.  Back to the campground, packed up and on the road, home by noon.

Camping was fun.  We resolved to go somewhere not too far away again next month.

10 thoughts on “S5E1 – Camping again

  1. Den, Geo and I loved our visit with you and Sue! The fresh-from-your-garden dinner was fantastic, as was the moonrise! Thanks for letting us share in the fun so close to home! Peace, Di

  2. We will check out the Stone Lodge. Thanks for the “review.” Glad you two plus friends had such a great time close to home.

  3. Really enjoyed your blog. We were in Michigan in Sept 2015 and saw a Snoozy go by-I wondered if that was you. Still want to see one in person and as you are so close to the Canadian border, maybe we will. You could always come our way on your next little trip

    • Mary Ann, If you are close, there is a rally in Algonac State Park Sep 9-10. We hope to be there and I believe one or two other Snoozys plus several dozen other fiberglass trailers.

  4. Ohhh my goodness, the photo’s are simply beautiful! What a lovely, relaxing get a way for you both Denny…thank you so very much for sharing your slice of heaven there with us all!

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