S3E14 – Isla Mujeres Week 2

We are packing to leave Isla this afternoon.  Two weeks ago our island time seemed endless, now it seems over in an eye blink.

The weather has been perfect, getting around in taxis was easy, Sue’s arm continues to heal, our connections with our friends were nurtured by the exotic locale. We even learned a little Spanish.  All-in-all a great vacation. 

Rather than showing seven more pictures of our tables at restaurants I’ll just mention a couple of highlights.

Diane and George’s good friend and landlord, Chucho planned Sunday dinner for us, Jim and Renee, Greg and Gina (their friends from Canada) and his family, three adult children and two grandchildren.  He set up a couple of big tables on the sidewalk under some shade trees and we served ourselves buffet style.  Chucho, being a retired professional fisherman, served up a terrific shrimp ceviche and salted and deep fried Wahoo.  Everyone else chipped in with salads, deserts and beverages. Good food plus plenty of cerveza fria equaled a convivial multi-cultural afternoon.

Here’s George and Chucho’s granddaughter Hannah keeping the flies away from the food.


Another highlight was a private breathing class for us and the Wilson’s.  On our prior visit to the island we had attended a couple of yoga classes from a teacher named Lal, who we liked a lot.  We happened to run into him in a coffee  shop and of course he asked about Sue’s arm.  Sue wondered what sort of yoga she might manage and he suggested a breathing class.  We went with Renee and Jim Monday afternoon.  After a few tired jokes about ‘we already know how to breathe’ class started.  The gist of it was that a) we mostly take very shallow breaths that don’t fill our lungs to capacity and b) mental focus on breathing is a good way to calm and center ourselves.

Last night was our’s and the Wilson’s last night on the island so the eight of us met for cocktails at the Rocamar.

then splurged on dinner at Olivia’s, one of the real fine dining opportunities in the island.

Gelato and shopping for souvenirs for the grandchildren wound up the evening and a great vacation on Isla Mujeres.

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