S3E8 Oscar Scherer S.P., Venice, Florida

2015/01/img_0762.pngThis is the first south Florida park we camped at in our first season camping. We’d been suffering mostly cold rainy weather in Alabama and then at Cedar Key in mid-Florida too. It turned sunny and eighty the day we got to Oscar Scherer and stayed really nice for our whole ten day stay. Therefore we have a fond memory of this place and were looking forward to coming back. As you will read at the end of this post we now have a really unfond memory of Scherer S.P. to counter balance our two year old fond one.

We arrived at here Monday afternoon, having spent the weekend visiting with Sue’s parents, doing the laundry, washing the car, etc. The weather was warm so we took a couple mile stroll round the camp ground and a small lake. Then got cleaned up, read for a while and enjoyed another in the unending string of excellent veg dinners courtesy of guess who.

During coffee hour Tuesday morning we remembered having a great breakfast two years ago at a nearby restaurant called Nokomis Breakfast House. We went back and it didn’t disappoint. I got a lobster and shrimp omelette that must have had half a pound of seafood inside.

2015/01/img_0759.jpgI ate the first half for breakfast and then immediately ate the second half and called it lunch.

We worked off the calories by riding our bikes on the Legacy Trail. This is an abandoned railroad right-of-way connecting Sarasota, six miles north, and Venice, five miles south. It’s highly developed with shaded places to rest and traffic lights in the two places it crosses busy highways. There’s even a cheesy bike sculpture at one of the rest stops.

2015/01/img_0757-1.jpgA pair of Eagles return to nest in the park every year so after the bike ride we hiked out to see the Eagles. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for the Eagles, the park has the trail blocked off so far from the nest that you can barely see them.. We did barely see them.

After the hike and the the “waddawannadofordinner” conversation we decided to go to the Veg restaurant in Sarasota. This was also a repeat from two years ago. It’s a one-of-a-kind place in a strip mall with two star ambiance, three star prices and four star food. About half the menu items are vegetarian and half sustainable, mostly wild caught seafood. The ambience of the place can be summed up by the comment we overheard from the adjacent table; “Well, what would Gandhi do?”.

Wednesday we had to move to a different camp site as we could not book a whole week on one site. After breakfast we moved, then Sue packed a picnic lunch and we went to Siesta Key beach in Sarasota.

This is a huge beach, very wide and at least a couple of miles long, with almost perfectly uniform, no shells, no stones, sand. Chamber of commerce weather too – clear sky, light wind, high 70s.


2015/01/img_0761.jpgThis being Sarasota in the high season it took a half hour to drive the ten miles to the beach and another fifteen minutes to find a parking spot. After lunch we walked for a couple of hours. Unfortunately the concession stand was closed for remodeling so we had to drive a short distance to Captain Curts oyster bar for rehydration.

After dinner we went for a long walk. It was beautiful evening, no moon but lots of stars and a warm breeze. About 9:00 PM comes the unfond part: Sue tripped on a speed bump in the park road and hit the asphalt as if her feet were tied together. She suffered a four stitch long gash in her face and broke both bones in her right forearm just below the elbow. She spent the night in the hospital in Venice and now has a cast from the middle of her upper arm to her hand.

We stayed one more night in the park but the logistics of camping were just too much for her with the immobilized right arm, especially with her seriously cooking impaired husband.

We are now back at her parents’ house. We will be here for four nights, visit Ohio friends vacationing on Marco Island for two nights, back here for a couple of nights then up to Enterprise for a week. After that Sue’s sister is coming down for a week so we will be “camping” in her parents’ driveway. All-in-all it will be three weeks before we do any real camping, assuming Sue’s arm steadily gets better.


9 thoughts on “S3E8 Oscar Scherer S.P., Venice, Florida

  1. Oh! my gosh! Unfond…for sure. I/we are so very, very sorry that you, Sue, took such a horrible fall. What a shock to fall as Dennis describes it…like your feet were tied together. Four stitches and two broken bones, no small injury, enough to put you into a hospital overnight; that’s saying something when these days you need to be in extremity to be kept overnight. We are both so sorry too that your camping time has been cut short. And Dennis…missing all the Sue-cooked food. We send much love and loads of blessings. We will be in touch by email after tomorrow.
    Veronica & Conce

      • We are soooo sorry about Sue’s injuries, and will be praying for full recovery. Paula did the same thing Dec 15th but broke her rt. hip socket instead, and her right knee. We will try camping at the Quartzsite Az. fiberglass rally next weekend.
        Dave & Paula

      • Hi Dave. Sorry to hear Paula had a similar misfortune. Sue had surgery today to fix her arm and should be good as new in 6-8 weeks.

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