S3E1 – Starting Winter 2015


Our winter excursion began Friday Dec 19 after some ‘see you in the spring’ goodbyes and a lot of packing. I can’t believe the amount of stuff required to maintain our minimalist tiny camper lifestyle. All this junk, plus we left the trailer in Alabama last fall with a good amount of our warm weather gear already stowed.


An uneventful ten hour drive later we were at Renee’s father’s house in Murray, KY. She inherited it from her late father last spring and she and Matt are fixing it up to sell, hopefully soon. Renee came down earlier this week to get some more work done before Matt flies down next Tuesday and they drive to Enterprise for our family Christmas. Sue and I lent a hand Saturday and Sunday painting and installing the trim in a couple of rooms. We don’t mind that kind of work, in moderation of course, and enjoyed the quality time with Renee in the evenings.

Monday we finished the trek to Enterprise, another easy eight hours on the road. Renee had recommended the new NPR show Serial so I had downloaded the first 12 episodes. We listened to the first five shows today and I have to say the story is riveting.

Matt and Renee, Sue’s parents, her sister Louise and nephew Christian are all gathering in Enterprise, stretching Todd’s and Ami’s guest accommodations. We are camping in Ami’s backyard in the Snoozy. Tonight it’s raining with a pretty much continuous thunderstorm; tornado watch until 11:00 and flash flood warnings (no risk here thank goodness) overnight. Sure hope the weather clears tomorrow as Matt and Renee drive down from Murray and Lou and Chris fly from Detroit to Atlanta to Dothan.

Josh is a talented artist (check out his website) and made Ami a steel Christmas tree this year…


The picture doesn’t do it justice, the knobby rebar branches look just right. It’s strong, heavy and has a wide base so a child could probably climb it. We won’t be surprised if two year old William tries it before the week is out.

Ami and Josh hosted Christmas Eve dinner with a short round of present opening afterward. Twelve adults and two kids are a lot to seat for dinner:


Christmas day was spent at Todd and Amanda’s house so we could watch the little kids open their presents. Just before the action began:


Will showing off his new bike:


The festivities ended on December 27 with Luke’s fourth birthday.


We (Sue) watched the kids for a couple of days to allow Todd and Amanda a little mini-vacation. The final leg south to Sue’s parents’ house in Port Charlotte will be January 3.


9 thoughts on “S3E1 – Starting Winter 2015

  1. If the photos of Will and his sweet Gram, and Luke on his 4th Birthday aren’t the dearest images in the world…. I can’t imagine what would be. Stay safe traveling dear friends. Will look forward to following you as you Wander You Way! Peace, Di

    • Those two cute little boys are a powerful draw.

      We start our “real” camping in the wilds of the Florida State Parks next Monday. Stay tuned. SYOI

  2. It was a special Christmas with everyone together, and I am so glad that Christian and I could be part of the festivities! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Enterprise and happy travels to Florida!

  3. Luke and Will are just darling…how wonderful to be with them and family for Christmas. Love that rebar tree…what talent. In fact, thanks for the whole piece from the map to photos. “Following” you this way keeps you close.

  4. Thank you, Den, for the thorough description of your wanderings. It does make me feel not so far away. I LOVE that metal tree, too! I made one this year, not as pretty nor symmetrical, out of dead branches. I do love trees and every part of them. Blessings on your wanderings! All Quiet In Michigan,
    C and M 😌☺️

      • Hi Denny and Sue. Thanks for the up date and the well wishes. The pain meds are doing their job and I am feeling o.k. My only complaint is a stiff neck, probably from wearing a sling all the time. I am confident that it will be a fast and full recovery. Best wishes for fun and safe travels. Mike

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