S2E19 Corps of Engineers Campground, Abaqueu Lake, NM

20140424-210653.jpgWe enjoyed the scenery and hiking at Ghost Ranch so much when we drove out from Santa Fe Sunday we decided to camp out here for our last day before heading east toward home.

This campground is a real gem with electric and water hookups, decent bathrooms, and great views of Lake Abaqueu and the bluffs surrounding the Rio Chama valley.

Ghost Ranch is ten miles up US84 from the lake so just a quick drive after lunch to start our hike. Sunday we did the Chimney Rock trail so this time we took the Box Canyon hike. This follows a spring fed creek two miles up a canyon to the shear rock face where a long seam drips enough water to form the creek.



Views along the way:




A great day ended with a shower, a glass of wine and dinner watching the sun set over the lake. Tomorrow we begin the long ride home.


7 thoughts on “S2E19 Corps of Engineers Campground, Abaqueu Lake, NM

  1. LOVE your photos Dennis, most especially the one with Sue on the Box Canyon hike. That photo puts things in perspective…kind of. Keep enjoying your time on the road. FYI…it is finally becoming more springlike in our part of Michigan. Yeah!

    • Three days of driving to get to Chicago. Some gardening here with Matt and Renee. We expect to be home Tuesday afternoon.

  2. We are about to become Snoozy owners the first week of July. I just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed your website and following the blog entries. A real delight as we travel along with you on your adventures.

    Karin & Jerry

  3. Thanks for “taking” us on all your travels. May your trip home be safe and awesome in its own way. It will be soooo good to see you both.

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