S2E17 City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM

20140416-092927.jpg This small (one square mile) state park is located midway between Deming and Silver City – which means it is really in the middle of nowhere. It’s four miles off the little used two-lane highway connecting the two towns. There was lots of volcanic activity in the southwest 30 million years ago and one of the results is this weird pile of big (some are 40′ high) rocks in the middle of the desert. This has to be one of the most interesting campgrounds we have visited. There is a small visitor’s center and a full hook-up area with OK spacing but looks like a parking lot here in the wide open spaces. The best sites have no water or electric but are hidden amongst the rocks.

There are paths up through the rocks and some are climbable, the views are amazing.


This offers a view of the whole ‘city’. The scale is difficult to portray but many of those rocks are the size of four bedroom colonials.


There weren’t very many people here in the first place and the rocks must muffle whatever sound they make because this was the quietest place we have ever been. Sitting in a camp chair with the details of the rocks in the foreground and the vastness of the desert in the background, virtually no sign of man, and the only noise the occasional squawk of a raven – wonderful solitude!


Crystal clear, no humidity air 30 miles from the nearest town made for a perfect spot to watch the lunar eclipse unfold. It was cold but worth it.


7 thoughts on “S2E17 City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM

  1. I was hoping you guys were able to see it, it was very cloudy in MI, no eclipse viewing for us. 😦 Hopefully we will catch one of the remaining 3 of the tetrad.

    • It was fun but cold. 35 and a breeze. The owl kept me company though. The best part was all the stars coming out as rife moon darkened.

      Bright full moon photo ( not posted) was F11, 1/1000 sec. Pic in blog was F11, 15 seconds!

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