S2E12 Davis Mountains State Park, Fort Davis, TX

20140404-170839.jpg San Antonio receded in the rear view mirror about 10:30 this morning and what with an hour long lunch, two gas stops and grinding out another 400 miles we got here a little after 6:00 PM. We are now 1260 miles west of Enterprise yet still in the same time zone so it’s light as I write this at 8:30.

We traversed three distinctly climates today starting with cloudy humid mid-70s as we packed up. After our lunch in Junction, TX the sun came out, a stiff SW wind blew up and the temp quickly climbed to the high 80s. We watched a thunderstorm form way up ahead and for a while it looked like we would be able to drive between two curtains of rain

but we couldn’t. Just rained for a couple of minutes though. We got off I10 near Fort Stockton and headed south into the Davis Mountains. (Mountains in Texas – who knew?) As our elevation went up to 5,000′ the temp dropped to 70.

We got gas in the little town of Junction and asked where everyone went for lunch. Issac’s was the answer, complete with a sign with a waving arm and a bathtub salad bar. Quaint, cheap and slow.

The state park here is very scenic with mountains all around. The sites aren’t very private since there aren’t very many trees. The openness provides for nice views though and it’s private enough as half the sites are vacant.

Friday morning we had breakfast at the Indian Lodge, an adobe style 39 room inn built by the CCC in the late 1930s, that’s adjacent to the campground. After that we packed a picnic lunch and set off on a hike to the top of Skyline mountain. The weather was perfect – about 60, sunny, fresh breeze, no humidity. A few pictures including a birds-eye view of the Snoozy. All told about six miles but we took our time and enjoyed the views.




We had visitors Saturday morning as we were packing, a pair of Javelinas wandered through the campground munching on weeds.



10 thoughts on “S2E12 Davis Mountains State Park, Fort Davis, TX

  1. Denny,
    Keep going till you reach the edge of the earth as you know it, then turn left.
    Big Bend
    I have often thought that edges are magical places.

    P.s. Don’t eat the mushrooms.

    • This certainly is the edge of the world. We are eavesdropping on a ranger presentation while waiting for a dinner table. He just said Big Bend is the least visited of the big parks in the lower 48. 800,000 acres and 400,000 annual visitors.

    • Civilian Conservation Corp. A depression era work program that gave jobs many thousands of people building parks and other recreation facilities.

    • Junction Texas!!! Junction had 2000 people at the time Conce and I worked there. At the same time we served in in two other nearby Texas towns, Menard (1500 people) and Brady (6000). We alternated living between a house the parish rented in Menard and a Junction apt. rented for our use. We travelled to Brady from Menard to do our parish ministry. We think that the restaurant you ate in, maybe under another name, was the only place to eat aside from Dairy Queen. The one we are thinking of was on the east side of the road going north. Junction is well for treacherous flash floods. There is a natural amphitheatre in Junction which is used for plays especially during Holy Week. One night as we were returning to Junction after work we thought we saw a UFO! There were bright, bright lights glowing over a large area…there was nothing in the area that had lights like that. Who Knows

      • Small world! The restaurant was on the north side of the town’s Main Street that roughly parallels I-10. The amphitheater is still there, also looked like a flood plain for the river.

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