S2E11 Guadeloupe River State Park near San Antonio, TX

20140402-154640.jpg We are 860 miles west of yesterday’s starting point in Enterprise, AL. Ten hours of driving put us into Lake Charles, LA for the night at a crappy Red Roof Inn along the side of the freeway. We did have a lovely dinner at 121 Bistro in the historic district (where the rich people live) in downtown Lake Charles. After dinner we left the car at the restaurant and walked several blocks through a neighborhood of beautiful old homes, many with expansive second story balconies. The downtown business district lies at the north shore of Lake Charles with a nice brick paved promenade along the waterfront. All in all we spent an hour and a half walking off the long car ride.

About six more hours on the road Tuesday brought us to Guadeloupe River State Park at 3:00 PM. We left I10 about 30 miles east of San Antonio and curved around to the north and west to finish 30 miles north of the city. The terrain is surprisingly hilly here and very picturesque. This must be the place San Antonio is growing toward as we passed several tony subdivisions interspersed with working cattle ranches.

We had a nice walk along the river in the late afternoon. The water level is very low exposing these gnarly Cypress roots. Only about 10% of the camp sites are occupied so it’s very quiet and serene.



Wednesday was our city day. We drove about 40 minutes into Downtown San Antonio to tour The Alamo. The iconic image is the church.


There are barracks and a courtyard too. This spot was first home to a Spanish mission in 1724. The history was a little hard to follow with French, Spanish, Mexican and Native American roles. The famous “Remember The Alamo” battle was March 6, 1836 when Santa Ana took the fort from Texans fighting for independence from Mexico.

We found San Antonio’s river walk was just a block away so spent an hour enjoying the ambience and shopping for a luncheon spot. This is a beautiful area generally one story below street level so little traffic noise, lots of landscaping and interesting architectural details.



And I can’t skip the food shot.

Cheese enchiladas at Casa Rio.

We hit REI and Whole Foods (Sue’s definition of civilization) on our way back to the State Park.



12 thoughts on “S2E11 Guadeloupe River State Park near San Antonio, TX

  1. The first image above (not the map) reminds me of land on a gigantic ranch managed by an undocumented Mexican family who were friends. One day we sat by a very similar landscape to the one in your photo for a meal of cabrito and fixins. From the “palisades” numberless springs flowed gently down into the river. The ranch was well named, Seven Thousand Springs. People paid big bucks to come there to hunt. In a shed we saw a very large wild boar hanging and waiting to be smoked. The hunting lodge was humongous, luxurious too. Wonderful memories of the hill country a bit north of San Antonio.

  2. Dennis, Thanks for the update! I love the words promenade and picturesque and I am nuts for that first cypress roots, river, rock photo. So lovely. My sister Glo just did a two month internship at a restaurant along the river walk. Thanks too for not letting me down and including a delicious food shot! Keep moving along safe and sound. And for the record….I do not feel one bit sorry for you because of the crappy Red Roof Inn. You two are having way too much fun. See you soon, hug Sue for me, Di

    • Hi Di, We are having fun. Having breakfast (no photo) this morning at a lodge built by the CCC in Davis Mountains State Park.

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Glad you are having fun, but will be glad to see you when you get back to Michigan! The snow here has disappeared. We are just cold now 🙂 Hugs to you both.

  4. Beautiful update! Thanks for the awesome pictures, especially of the river and roots and the walkway. Keep these lovely reports coming! 🙂

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