S2E8 Fort Desoto Threepeat

20140312-155854.jpg Fort Desoto County Park is such a gem we came back for a third visit, this time for five nights, Sunday through Thursday. Unlike our first two stays, we were blessed with nearly perfect beach weather. Just one rainy day (see previous post) that cleared by late afternoon.

Our days here, and in fact most of our camping days when the weather is fine, have a rhythm: laze around in the morning drinking coffee, reading, writing, chatting, maybe a walk or bike ride around the campground, lunch, a couple or three hours walking the beach, back to the campsite, shower, a little more lazing around. Dinner, from prep to the last sip of wine, usually lasts two or three hours, some reading in bed and it’s lights out.

Not a lot of new experiences to report as there are two prior posts about Fort Desoto.

We did have an interesting study in contrasts for one evening. Our neighbors on one side were a group of six college age boys who, I would say, had age appropriate levels of music, loud conversation and bright lights strung around their site. On the other side we had two Buddhist monks (we are assuming since the men were wearing saffron robes) and a young woman who we decided was a nun in training. The Buddhists made no noise at all, ate dinner by candle light and laid down on the ground to sleep.

Here’s a curious picture


What story would you make up?

The beach in hazy sunshine from the Tampa Bay side near the point where the bay and the Gulf meet.

We haven’t had many insects to deal with anywhere but here, at least this week, there were absolutely none so we could really open up the trailer. The Snoozy’s kitchen window flips out with gas struts, giving a nice open air ambiance.


After our visit to Fort Desoto we went back to Sue’s parents for the weekend. On Sunday we went to Boca Grande, a barrier island at the mouth of Charlotte harbor. This is a very nice (very upscale, it costs $6 just to cross the little bridge the island) place with good uncrowded beaches and a tony shopping area, the kind of place where most of the residents get around in golf carts. We manage to visit here at least once or twice every winter and usually have lunch at the South beach Grille. It’s right on the beach, one of those no shoes, no shirt, no problem places. Since today was a Sunday and forecast to be sunny and 80F we decided we would have to wait too long for a table there so we tried the Third Street Cafe in the center of the little town. Excellent food and excellent service. Sue said her roasted vegetable pita was the best. I had a Niçoise salad graced with nice rare tuna fillet. We will definitely be going back again.

After a long lunch we walked a couple of blocks to the beach and enjoyed a four mile stroll in the sun.

Off next week to the opposite of this place, primitive camping at Myakka River State Forest.


One thought on “S2E8 Fort Desoto Threepeat

  1. To walk for four miles in the sun ANYWHERE without a foot of snow sounds amazing! Glad you are having a wonderful winter! 🙂 Greetings from the frigid homeland!

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