S2E6 Vino Loco Restaurant, Englewood, FL

20140226-155942.jpgIf you said our favorite restaurant was the one we visit the most it would have to be Vino Loco in Englewood, FL. It’s an unassuming small place on the Main Street of “old downtown” Englewood with half a dozen tables under umbrellas on the sidewalk, a small bar and a handful of tables inside, and the highlight, a specialty wine shop in the back room.

The owner, Joyce Colmar, moved here from Atlanta seven years ago to enjoy the sun and pursue her interests in good food and good wine. She lived in Spain for a while and brought home a taste for simple, well prepared healthy organic food in small proportions and great variety. Vino Loco’s tapas menu reflects these attributes and is complimented by an eclectic wine list with many reasonably priced options.

If you want an even greater selection any of the 350 wines on offer in the shop can be brought to the table for a $10 corkage fee.

Today Sue ordered cheese and beet green empanadas, I had smoked salmon with onions, kippers and herbed cream cheese on a baguette and we shared an ensalade di casa with avocado. There is always $5/glass wine specials. Today Sue enjoyed Bridlewood Cabernet and I had a Pinot Grigio whose name I couldn’t pronounce.

It’s fun to shop for wine here too, as Joyce has a real knack for asking about what you like and don’t like about wine and then suggesting interesting choices I’d never find on my own.

We don’t usually blog about a single restaurant but wanted to highlight Vino Loco as we think it is such a special place.


6 thoughts on “S2E6 Vino Loco Restaurant, Englewood, FL

  1. Dennis, you are a total foodie and I love it! I am too, just ask Sue. The photos are amazing and I’d be so happy to sit right down and have what the two of you had for lunch tomorrow, or dinner! Keep having fun, thanks for sharing. Peace, Di PS HUG SUE FOR ME!

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