S2E4, Fort Desoto County Park Again

20140125-203626.jpg After another over-night stop at Sue’s parents to dry out from three days of rain at Myakka River State Park, we returned to Fort Desoto County Park for another five day visit. We really liked this park when we were here two weeks ago in spite of the unseasonably cold weather and wanted to come back. The upcoming week’s forecast is much warmer and we were able to reserve a great site right on the water.

The weather was mostly sunny and warm with the exception of one intermittently foggy day.

Here’ a picture of our site (32)


An a panoramic shot from the grassy verge between the camp sites and the water


Another picture looking east as the sun sets


And, to prove it’s not always sunny in Florida, that same view on the foggy day


Beach walking was again our main activity. There were often little bits of fog drifting in off the Gulf.


This week was more “social” than usual. Tuesday I had lunch with a high school friend, Don McBride, who lives in St Petersburg. Thursday, the foggy day, we noticed our new next door neighbors had New Mexico license plates so we went over to ask them for camping recommendations for our April planned trip to Santa Fe. As we were chatting and sharing a bottle of wine a thunderstorm blew in. After some scrambling to get gear secured in the gusty wind we adjourned to the Snoozy for dinner. It’s pretty cramped for four people but doable; I sat on the bed, our new friends sat on the couch and Sue sat on a camp chair in the kitchen. And finally, on Friday night we met a college friend, Bruce Wigton, for dinner at the Mango Bistro in Englewood. We was down from Rhode Island to visit his parents who are spending the month in Englewood.

Lastly, a photo of the egret keeping an eye on Sue, making sure she gets her computer work done.



8 thoughts on “S2E4, Fort Desoto County Park Again

  1. Denny, I am loving all the nature photos, so lovely. BUT…you are killing me with the food shots. I want to be sitting next to my sweet friend Sue and eating ALL of those delicious meals with both of you! And…Geo wants in on all the seafood! Thanks for sharing your adventures. You are opening my eyes to the natural beauty of Florida. Peace, Di PS Big hug to Sue from me please!

    • Hi Di, there is certainly a lot of ugly over development on the Fl coasts but the parks are great. Some of them are entire islands (Ft Desoto is actually the last five islands in a string separating Tampa Bay from the Gulf) so the condos and chain restaurants can seem like a million miles away.

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