Enterprise, Alabama and Lake Tholocco campground at Ft Rucker

20130414-150203.jpg It has been two weeks since I last updated our blog as we have been doing mostly family things, visiting the kids and enjoying our 6 month old grandson William and 27 month old grandson Luke. Fun for us, but not as much to write about as say, snorkeling in Mexico.

We drove up to Enterprise, Alabama from Grayton Beach March 31 and spent the weekend with Ami and Josh. Monday we decamped to a small lake on the Fort Rucker Army base where Josh and Todd are Blackhawk instructor pilots. Lake Tholocco is the main outdoor recreation facility on the the base with boat and RV rentals, a swimming beach and very nice paved campground sites with water and electricity. The campground is open to anyone, not just people affiliated with the military, so we didn’t have to camp ‘with’ Todd or Josh 😉

The campground was maybe 2/3 empty and most of the campers that were there seemed to be working on the base, consequently gone most of the time. Fort Rucker is the main training site for Army aviation so lots of people are here temporarily for flight school or advanced warrant officer training.

We stayed here for 7 nights and really enjoyed the peaceful setting and the easy 15 minute drive to either of the kids’ houses.

Here’s a shot of our campsite, you can see how empty it was.

I was chatting with a neighbor several sites down one evening when a beautiful bald eagle flew over at tree-top level. He said the eagle’s nest was right over our campsite and sure enough it almost was. We never saw the babies but heard their cries often. One warm evening we sat out in the screen room until about 11:00 PM and the woods were full of cool sounds, the eaglets squawking, owls hooting and lots of bugs and frogs saying “hey good lookin’…” in their native languages. I wish I could post a recording here.

This is looking down the lake from the campground dock one morning; unfortunately just after a beautiful white egret flew over the reflecting surface.

The ugly under belly of all this peacefulness and nature is the fact that we are in the middle of the world’s busiest heliport. After all, a beautiful campsite on the lake for 12 bucks a night is bound to have a downside. There are several hundred Army helicopters here operating between 5:00 and 24:00. The different types each have their own areas to fly in. We were right under the flight path of AH64 Apaches which flew over at about 400′. We expected the noise so it wasn’t really a problem and they tended to come by in groups with sometimes several hours with no activity.

The trade-off of some intermittent noise for a great campsite only ten miles from the kids’ houses was definitely worth it. We will be back.

The second week we (really Sue) pinch hit for Amanda, who had to go to her National Guard base near Nashville for flight training. Todd works 5:00 AM to noon so were happy to stay at their house and get the kids up. Most mornings we took them to the park. Luke loves to run around on the playscape and Will is just happy to ride in the stroller.

I got some chores done on the trailer, put up a spice rack to gain a bit of much-needed storage and finally traced a problem with the inverter failing to start the refrigerator to a not-tight-enough connection on a battery terminal.

Amanda is coming home tonight and we will head back down to the Fl panhandle tomorrow for what will probably be our last beach time for awhile. We will be at St Andrews State Park in Panama City Monday through Thursday nights then back in Enterprise next weekend. After that we will see what the weather looks like in Michigan. Maybe we will head north, maybe not…


4 thoughts on “Enterprise, Alabama and Lake Tholocco campground at Ft Rucker

  1. Wow, I love the flexibility of “Maybe we will head north, maybe not…” If you were deciding today I would say “Not.” It is cold and not sunny in Michigan, yet. Thanks for the update Dennis, always nice to find out what you and Sue are up to. I also really enjoyed all the photos, each brought about very different emotions. Peace and safe journey, Di

  2. Hi! Just driving by exit on I-94 to Marine City. Cool but beautiful starry sky. Driving back to MI from Concord, MA with Dick and his sister Lynne. We went for a memorial service for their aunt who died at age 99. We will have driven 36 hours in 4 days to spend one day and two nights there, but it was a great time for them to see their cousins, reminisce, etc. We did also do a walking tour of the old north bridge and other historic and literary sites in Concord, and made a quick stop to see Niagara Falls as we went thru Canada. We last saw the falls on our honeymoon, and Lynne had never seen them. Amazing!
    Enjoy the rest of your time!

    • Hi Debbie, Too bad we weren’t there and you didn’t have time to stop, oh well. We will be in Chicago in mid-May, maybe we can get together then.

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