Grayton Beach State Park

20130401-172323.jpgLast Monday we drove from Sue’s parents home in Port Charlotte to Grayton Beach, up in the panhandle, roughly 250 miles north and 200 miles west. All in all about ten hours poking along towing the Snoozy with lunch and three gas stops. We lost our summer weather as the back side high pressure from the big storm in the Midwest and east coast gave us a couple of windy days with highs in the fifties and lows in the high thirties. I know, wa,wa,wa, it’s a lot colder back home.

20130401-170536.jpgGrayton Beach is a funky little beach town west of the park, to the east of the park are the tony planned communities of Watercolor and then Seaside. It’s about a three mile walk on the beach from Grayton Beach to Seaside. This area is only eighty miles south of where two of our kids live in Alabama so we rented a condo here for the month of February last winter. It was virtually deserted then but this spring break week it was very busy. We drove to Seaside one day and went back home, unable to find a parking place. It’s a very family oriented place so no rowdy college kids but lots of people. Seaside was the setting for the movie “The Truman Story”.

Tuesday we found a nice spot for lunch in the sun, out of the wind and a brick wall at our back for radiant heat. Wine World in Watercolor is a wine shop / bistro with a permanent two for one daily special on wine. Afterward it was warmed enough for a walk on the beach Here’s the busiest stretch of the beach at Seaside:

Wednesday was a lazy day around the campsite reading and writing with another long beach walk in the afternoon, this time away from the crowds. This view is looking west at the state park beach.

Thursday warmed up a bit so we went for a bike ride in the morning. The sate park is adjacent to the Point Washington State Forest which is thousands of acres of pine woods and scrub land with lots of trails. We mapped out a four mile trail ride connecting to a paved bike path. We got a six mile trial ride as we were blocked by a huge mud puddle we couldn’t get around without getting wet and had to retrace our route back to the campground.

20130401-180118.jpgWe spotted a bobcat standing in the middle of the trail just a little in front of us. He or she must have been at least a little acclimated to people as she didnt bolt, just trotted ahead for five or ten seconds before disappearing into the brush. It is always so exciting to wild animals in their natural environments.

Friday was even warmer, all the way back to summertime. We went walking on the beach again before packing up, having lunch and heading up to Enterprise.

That’s downtown Grayton Beach, by the way, where the cars are parked on the beach.

We are spending Easter weekend with the kids then camping at Lake Tholocco on the Fort Rucker Army base for a week, a ten minute drive from the kids. We have visited but never camped here before. It’s a really nice campground, very wilderness feeling, but right in the middle of the largest helicopter training site in the world. Might be a tad noisy! More on that in the next post.


2 thoughts on “Grayton Beach State Park

  1. Hi Denny and Sue.
    A package was waiting for me at the office when I came back to work on Monday – what a nice way to start the week! Thanks for for thinking of me. That’s a great little journal with an appropriate and inspiring cover. I enjoyed reading the blog and I am thrilled that your adventure has been such a success. I keep trying to figure out some way to retire at 41 so I can do some wandering myself. Thanks for the inspiration and your thoughtfulness. Happy travels.

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