St. Augustine

20130226-182728.jpgAfter four days of visiting with the Alabama kids we headed out Monday morning for Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, FL. What should have been an easy six hour drive across I10 was actually a stressful seven hour drive due to heavy rain nearly the whole way. Poor visibility, and the need to keep the tires out of the water filled depressions worn into the pavement by trucks, meant 50 – 55 mph was about it. Believe me, we were happy to pull into the park about 5:00 PM, and happy the rain ended before we had to do our set-up chores.

Unfortunately, the many hours of heavy rain and 50 mph relative wind forced water into every possible nook and cranny of the trailer. We have had minor window leaks before but nothing like this. Sue’s bedding was wet as was the corner on my bed under the window. Fortunately the park bathroom had a clothes dryer so we could get our stuff dried. There was a grim moment when we realized our rain-hassle was not over, but Sue had dinner on the table a couple of hours later, we opened a bottle of wine and agreed it hadn’t killed us so it must have made us stronger. Yeh, right.

After a nice meal accompanied by Roseanne Cash’s The List and Spike Nicer’s Mystery Time, we walked for a couple of miles to watch the full moon duck in and out of the clouds over the Atlantic.

20130227-080521.jpgAhhh, we got our camping groove back.

It has been a little over a month since we last camped at Cedar Key and we were both looking forward to taking off in the Snoozy again. The all-day rain sucked but here we are now warm and dry and ready to start exploring again.


4 thoughts on “St. Augustine

    • Hi Todd. Hope to get some travel pics today to post. It’s a cool old city with narrow brick streets, reminds me of some places in center city Philly, except with palm trees.

  1. Warm and dry is good. I remember camping with you in PA and having to break camp and go to your house due to the rain. I have lived through leaky tents and wet sleeping bags. But life is good! It was great to see you two!

    • Hi Debbie, I sure remember that weekend at Delaware Watergap State Park (I think). The first rainy night we had us five and you four plus Belle and Rascal, all in our little pop-up camper that slept four! Of course, the kids took up a lot less space then.

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