Back In the USA

20130221-190932.jpg We flew back from Mexico last Thursday morning, arriving at Matt and Renee’s house in Chicago mid-afternoon. They were both at work, giving us a little alone time to decompress.

They are still in the middle of sprucing up their new-to-them hundred year old house. Sue painted on Friday and I fixed a couple of dripping faucets and did some other miscellaneous chores. Saturday was a birthday luncheon for Renee’s niece, Kira, then a late afternoon trip downtown to see a photo exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Once again we learned not to be too invested in what we want as what we get is often much better. We had read on the Internet about an exhibition of historic photos at the Cultural Center that sounded interesting. When we asked the lady at the info desk where the pictures were she looked at us like we must be from really far out of town and said she had no idea what we were talking about. Turned out the exhibition was February 2012, not 2013. As Rick Perry so famously said, “Oops!”

We decided to stay anyway and wander around looking at the architecture and were completely blown away by the two beautiful glass domed rotundas.

This one, called Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, was commissioned in 1896 to honor Union Civil War veterans.



This building was originally the main branch of the Chicago Public Library. The great hall where patrons checked out their books is roofed with the largest single piece of stained glass artwork the Tiffany Company ever produced. The dome is composed of 2848 individual pieces of glass covering more than 10,000 square feet. It was just stunning.



Sunday we regained our tropical vibe, for a few hours at least, at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

20130221-194654.jpg A steam heated greenhouse full of palm trees and bright flowers is a nice place to be on a cold sunny day.

We spent Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning with old friends living in Naperville, a western suburb of Chicago. Reminiscing about old times, we calculated we had started hanging out together 42 years ago.

A long day of driving got as far as Huntsville, AL before stopping for the night. Visited the rest area again with the big rocket pictured in the my very first blog post written last December. Arrived at the kids’ house in Enterprise Wednesday afternoon and took the grand kids William (5 mths) and Luke (26 mths) to the park this morning.

I think my grandchildren are cute and can’t resist posting this picture of Luke picking Dandelions for his Grandma. So sue me.



4 thoughts on “Back In the USA

  1. Dennis, I love all the photos, they are just beautiful. AND… I love the one of Sue and Luke the best! Here’s to all of us enjoying what we get instead of what we think we want. Thanks for Sharing, Di

    • Hi George. Believe me, I wish I was still down there basking in the Caribbean sun. We will be back in FL (St Augustine) next Monday and hoping for beach weather.

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