Adios Isla

20130216-073148.jpg We had four more days of enjoying the island and hanging out with George and Diane. From my vantage point back here in Chicago now our whole experience on Isla Mujeres seems like a really intense, really nice dream.

We were lucky enough to land in a place where every day was like the nicest day of the summer, good friends were around all the time but not too much, there were lots of interesting restaurants with good food and not too expensive, we were seldom out of sight of the ocean and often walking barefoot on the sand but never cold, didn’t have much to do but were never bored. Ahhh….

This picture says it all: A sunny afternoon at our favorite restaurant enjoying lunch outdoors with G&D, our bare feet in the sand and the ocean fifty feet away.


An extra bonus for me was going to yoga twice with Sue and Diane. Sue has been doing yoga for some time but I had never seriously tried it. Diane said the instructor was great and the studio looked nice, a simple screened room up in the air under a thatched roof, so I thought, “Why not?” It was an eye (and mind) opening experience – something I definitely want to explore further – and an unexpected gift from Isla Mujeres.

Adiós hasta la próxima vez.



4 thoughts on “Adios Isla

  1. I love the line “…good friends were around all the time but not too much…” :O) I also love the photo de los cuatro amgios! Sue and Dennis, you will forever be remembered as a delightful part of Geo and my Isla experience! Thanks for the wonderful memories, Di

  2. Dennis, what a wonderful “good bye to Isla” story. Loved those pictures. Glad you enjoyed yoga…and what a place and way to begin. Your second paragraph may be taken up by travel agencies to entice people to…..wonderful….you helped me “be there.”

    • Hi Veronica, It was a wonderful place and we were very sad to leave. I still haven’t taken Cancun out of my weather channel favorites list ’cause I don’t want to break the link to Mexico. See you in April.

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