Isla Mujeres III

20130210-110950.jpg Two more days of drifting through this easy island life seeing the sights and enjoying the beach. Well it was two days when I started this post but now it’s been four days. Time sure flies by when you are having fun.

We still had the golf cart so I drove Sue and Diane to yoga early Friday morning then tooled around the island until they were done an hour later. Back at George and Diane’s apartment Diane made us breakfast then she and Sue worked on Wednesday Wisdom while I sat on the beach working on this blog. Brought the cart back to town at noon at the end of the 24 hour rental, got some lunch and met G&D later at North Beach for swimming.

20130212-172605.jpgThe water was about waist deep where I took this picture.

Afterward we went to dinner at La Lomita

20130212-221902.jpg George and Diane headed home around 9:00; Sue and I strolled around checking out the Carnival festivities.

We had no idea when we booked our tickets but this is the week before Lent so therefore Carnival time. It’s a five day celebration that started Friday and ends Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Groups of people, including kids, create really elaborate costumes and dance on a stage set up in the town square. They compete on the basis of costumes and dancing ability with REALLY LOUD music blasting. Right down the block from our hotel.

I tried to get some pictures of the competition but the camera wasn’t up to the night time picture task.

There is also a parade every day at 3:00 and after that the groups ride around town in the back of pick-up trucks with huge speakers tied to the roof. They stop here and there on the main street, block traffic and do a short dance routine so I could get a few daylight pictures. I especially thought the little kids were cool all dressed up.



Of course the grown-ups were not so shy about making eye contact with the gringo with the iPhone.







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