Isla Mujeres I

20130207-114210.jpg The little map to the left shows the north end of the island. The blue line is the route from our hotel to Diane and George’s apartment, the black squiggle is the snorkel trip we took Tuesday afternoon.

We’ve been pretty typical tourists here so far – walking around sightseeing, swimming and eating too much. I try as much as I can to avoid the ‘first we did this, then we did that’ writing style but nothing really happened in the last few days to make much of a story. So, with my apology for being boring….

Tuesday morning Diane came over so she and Sue could work on their poetry together, something they make sure to carve out time for at home but have been unable to do since Diane came down here last September. We then had a fun lunch at Pita Amore, a little hole in the wall restaurant in the middle of town.

20130207-121032.jpg As you can see on the beam over Sue’s head, people have written messages to future diners all over the walls. Someone had written “best flan in the world” right next to my shoulder so we took that as a message from the food gods to try the flan. It was the best IMHO but Diane promised an even better one later in the week.

We had been snorkeling off the beach at Avalon reef lagoon yesterday but wanted to try someplace more diverse, you know with coral and everything, so we booked a tour at Sea Hawk Dive Charters. George goes scuba diving with this company and has gotten to know the owners, Ariel and Bonnie, so we were expecting a good trip. George had class but the three of us went along with five other people. Ariel took us a couple of miles down the inside coast in his boat then we swam/drifted right along the edge of the rocky shore for about one mile. There was lots of coral and tropical fish to see and the water was calm. They made us were life jackets so it was not possible to dive down under water but it was mostly only 10′ – 15′ deep and visibility was quite good. The water is gin-clear everywhere here.

Sue brought her underwater camera so you can get up close and personal with the fish.


That night George booked a table at his favorite restaurant here, Olivia’s. Great Mediterranean food in a beautiful setting where it was hard to tell if we were indoors or outdoors.

Afterwards, a little stroll through town and along the beach, some Gelato then off to bed. It’s a tough job being a tourist here but somebody has to do it 😉

Wednesday Sue planned to join Diane for yoga at 8:00 AM but the taxi driver couldn’t find the yoga studio so she went to Diane’s house instead. Walked over there later about when George got home from school. Sue and Diane kept working

20130207-124342.jpg while George and I biked over to the ocean side of the island to swim in the surf and climb around on the rocks like a couple of really slow kids. This was a picture postcard spot but I didn’t bring my phone so no pictures yet but all four of us are going back today with a picnic lunch and camera.

Then yet another leisurely lunch at a stinking beautiful waterside restaurant after which George went back to school for one more late afternoon class and we hiked to the grocery store to get supplies for dinner.

While watching the sunset some Frigate birds flew in close so I managed to get a few blurry under exposed pictures



These birds are really cool, according to the interweb they have the lightest wing loading (weight/wing area) – think glider- of any bird and can stay aloft for up to a week and only land on trees and cliffs where they can jump off to get airborne again. They can’t take off from level ground or the water.


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