Stand Up

20130114-180914.jpg Today Dennis and I went stand up paddle boarding by Nokomis Beach, what a fun experience!! Nicole with SUP Englewood was a big help. The day was perfect for it; sunny, 80 degrees, warm shallow calm water, and only a slight breeze. I had been watching people do it for a couple of years and talked about wanting to do it. Yet I almost found myself saying “no” I didn’t want to go.

In my mind I had started a litany of good reasons not to go. The first was the possibility of injury. Next, perhaps it was too hot and sunny in the middle of the day; earlier or later in the day would be better timing. Money is always a good excuse. Finally, I hadn’t slept well and my shoulder muscles were sore from canoeing yesterday.

Luckily I stopped myself from saying “no” and analyzed what was preventing me from embracing this opportunity. I realized it was the fear of taking a risk, specifically the risk of not being able to do it. If I had been unable to get up I would have been embarrassed, felt foolish, uncoordinated and old.

Instead I had a wonderful time and neither of us even fell off! It was so peaceful paddling down the river listening to an osprey call to it’s young with only the swish of my paddle disturbing the stillness. I can’t wait to go again!!

There’s something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk. -Drew Barrymore



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