Scherer III

20130112-103555.jpg Its been a peaceful, summer’s-just-drifting-by, four days since I last posted. Visited Sue’s folks in Port Charoltte, walked, rode our bikes, went to the beach, surfed the Internet, basically just chilled.

We had to move to a new site on Thursday to be able to stay here at Scherer park. It’s is such a nice place we are hoping to score a couple of more weeks in March.

We had a lovely dinner & movie date Thursday. First an early dinner at Indigenous. This is a really nice restaurant just two blocks from the movie theatre in downtown Sarasota. Sue got a toasted-then-boiled farro based vegetarian dish and I had fresh local snapper which the waiter said came from a particular boat in Fort Myers earlier in the day. Here’s Sue enjoying a pre-dinner glass of wine

20130112-105347.jpg We don’t usually order desert but justified it by agreeing to split just one and promising each other we wouldn’t get popcorn at the movie. It was delicious, a Parmesan cheese cake covered in Chocolate Grenache with other good stuff trailing across the plate.


We walked over to the theatre after dinner to see Life of Pi in 3D. It’s certainly a good story which gives you a lot to talk about afterwards. The visual effects are stunning especially in 3D. Highly recommended.

Yesterday afternoon we checked out Siesta Key beach, about 8 miles north here. We had read it was rated #1 in the US and skeptical me is thinking “yea right – by the Sarasota tourist bureau”. Well it was probably the nicest beach I’ve ever been on. Beautiful powdery white sand, practically no shells or stones or seaweed, miles long and I bet two or three hundred yards wide in most places. We walked along the edge of the surf for a couple of hours enjoying the sun and breeze.

20130112-111631.jpg Some clever sand castle builder wrote ‘siesta key’ in big block letters which you can sort of see in the picture.

In a few minutes we are headed for Boca Grande for lunch at a beach side grill (called IIRC, The Beachside Grille), a walk on the beach then dinner with Sue’s parents.


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