Scherer State Park II

20130108-175743.jpg Today was a typical summer day – cleaned and killed ants in the morning then went out to lunch and then to the beach.

We noticed a growing number of tiny little black ants yesterday evening and by this morning we had to move to defcon one, all out attack. Sue, the environmentalist, cleaned with vinegar and dumped some ant infested food while I went to Lowes to get ant traps plus ant killer spray. Screw the environment it’s them or us!

By noon the trailer was sparkling clean but smelled like an EPA superfund site. Time to leave. We went back to Ophelia’s – the place where we had breakfast and free drinks yesterday morning. We were pleased to learn happy hour starts at noon so got two for one glasses of wine with our pasta. The wine plus good food helped put the ant problem into a more realistic “first world” category.

After lunch we headed back to Nokomis Beach for a nice long walk in the edge of the surf. Today was perfect beach weather- sunny, puffy clouds, 82 degrees. A gelato on the way home topped off a terrific afternoon.

Here’s a couple pictures of our camp site (#70).

There’s a river behind us which you can just barely make out above the black chair back. Here’s a picture of it with the setting sun.

20130108-181756.jpg The crummy camera in my iPad doesn’t do it justice.

It’s gotten dark while I’ve been sitting out here typing and now there are bugs crawling across the screen attracted to the light. Time to sign off.


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