Cedar Key

20130103-090845.jpgAfter a late night (for us) New Years Eve we got an early start New Years Day morning, dropping Sue’s sister Louise off at the Dothan airport at 9:00 AM then continuing south on US231 for Florida. Our route to Cedar Key was about half I10 and half US19 south. What a difference from the congestion of south Florida – wide open roads with very little traffic. I’d taken US19 south several times back when I was on a motorcycle and always enjoyed the ride. It’s a four lane divided highway with a 65 mph speed limit, a little town every once in a while and virtually no traffic as I75 parallels it not too far to the east.

Our stomachs were saying it’s time for lunch when we got to Perry so we detoured off the highway and cruised through the old downtown looking for a not-McDonalds but had no luck. Everything was closed for the holiday. Back on the highway we spotted a Burger King and when making a U-turn found ourselves right in front of “Pounceys Restaurant – just what we were looking for, even had a picturesque spot to park our little “big rig”.

Arrived in Cedar Key a few hours later and set up camp at Sunset Isle RV Park. We chose it because it got good reviews, was close (1.3 miles) to downtown Cedar Key and had a waterfront camp site available. It was waterfront, in fact the water was maybe six feet from our back door at high tide. What they didn’t tell us was that there were 8′ high mangroves growing in the inter-tidal zone. At least it was better than another mammoth RV in our backyard.

We unpacked and headed into town to do a little sight seeing and stretch our legs. Got a couple of nice pictures of the setting sun. This is walking down the street toward the west shore of the island


And this is at the end of that street facing the Gulf

20130103-214441.jpg We stayed for a few minutes to watch the woman stand-up-paddle boarder come in. It looked fun and I wanted to ask her how long it took her to get proficient. It made this 65 year old feel younger to hear her say she got the board for her 65th birthday and it was actually pretty easy to do.


2 thoughts on “Cedar Key

  1. Hi Todd, Yep, it’s very dense. I asked why they didn’t trim it and learned there is an up to $10,000 fine for cutting it as it is vital for erosion control and marine critter habitat.

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