Tea Leaf Sayings

hidden-1Today my tea leaves read:

Life is a chance

Love is infinity

Grace is reality.

What treasure lies in pondering these words? At our campsite in Cedar Key outside in the sun, surrounded by the scent of salt water and marsh, I can luxuriate and indulge myself doing just that.

I know I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t believe that life is a chance. Proof of this is found from our fragile beginnings to where we find ourselves each day. Without taking a risk I would be still be in my home in Michigan and very cold!

At lunch I watched an osprey fly from it’s piling when disturbed by my husband walking down the nearby dock. It rose with power and grace, soaring high over the treetops to find a friendlier fishing spot. For me this was a moment of grace, for the osprey another lesson that life is a chance.

I will think more on Love is infinity after I get more tea.


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