Christmas Storms


The tail of the huge comma shaped storm that passed through the south and Midwest on Christmas Day certainly spiced up our celebration. Three times Christmas afternoon and evening the tornado warning sirens sounded and everyone’s cell phone rang with the emergency warning message. Half the family headed for the closet, half went outdoors to watch the sky. Thankfully no tornados appeared but some were sighted in other parts of the county.

The watch period ended at 10:00 PM so we figured it would be a quiet night in the Snoozy. Ami called about 10:30 to say the tornado watch had been extended to 5:00AM and did we want to come into the house for the night. Even though the Snoozy would be not much protection in a tornado we were snug in bed and figured the cell phone warning system would give us plenty of warning to go inside before storm hit.

No tornados but we got some wind and torrential rain. The trailer is rocking with the wind, it sounds like we are inside a car wash with the rain beating on the fiberglass shell about a foot above my head and I’m laying there thinking ‘geez, I really should have taken down the awning before the storm started’. Not a very restful night.


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