Spike Nicer’s Hands


Since we are spending the Christmas holidays camped in Ami and Josh’s back yard and Sue has been wanting our multi-talented son-in-law to contribute some of his metal artistry to the Snoozy she thought this would be a good time to put in a special request. We needed a towel rack next to the sink and Josh came up with this whimsical creation:


When Josh was in Afghanistan he made soap (did I mention he was multi-talented?) with a fragrance the female soldiers would like and named it “Spike Nicer’s Hands”. Think about it.

Josh is also an accomplished singer and song writer. Spike Nicer is his stage name (did I mention…). If you have a few minutes, click here to hear a sample of his music.

He’s a pretty good Blackhawk pilot too.

Christmas Storms


The tail of the huge comma shaped storm that passed through the south and Midwest on Christmas Day certainly spiced up our celebration. Three times Christmas afternoon and evening the tornado warning sirens sounded and everyone’s cell phone rang with the emergency warning message. Half the family headed for the closet, half went outdoors to watch the sky. Thankfully no tornados appeared but some were sighted in other parts of the county.

The watch period ended at 10:00 PM so we figured it would be a quiet night in the Snoozy. Ami called about 10:30 to say the tornado watch had been extended to 5:00AM and did we want to come into the house for the night. Even though the Snoozy would be not much protection in a tornado we were snug in bed and figured the cell phone warning system would give us plenty of warning to go inside before storm hit.

No tornados but we got some wind and torrential rain. The trailer is rocking with the wind, it sounds like we are inside a car wash with the rain beating on the fiberglass shell about a foot above my head and I’m laying there thinking ‘geez, I really should have taken down the awning before the storm started’. Not a very restful night.

Heading south


We left Michigan headed for Enterprise, AL on Tuesday December 18 with the trailer stuffed to the gills with Christmas presents, some miscellaneous stuff Ami had left at our house and an exercise machine she also wanted. The exercise machine is too close to the foreground to appear in the picture and its a bit blurry but you get the idea:

We needed to be in Enterprise no later than Sunday, 12/23 but chose to leave early to beat the rain and snow forecast for later in the week. The weather man was right this time, we had sunny to partly cloudy weather all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Traffic was not too bad and we avoided rush hour in all the major cities – Cincinnati, Nashville and Birmingham. We did pass through Louisville about 4 pm tuesday but did not have much trouble going around the city via I264 to connect to I65. Spent the night in a Comfort Inn in Elizabethtown, KY that was OK but had clearly had its best days when Regan was president.

We stopped for a picnic lunch the next day at the Alabama welcome center rest area north of Huntsville. They celebrate Huntsville’s role in the space program with what has to be the coolest rest area decoration ever – a Saturn rocket.

The trailer is small enough anyway but this picture really makes it look small!

We arrived at Ami’s house just in time for dinner. Todd and Amanda and the kids came over too. It was great to see everyone, especially the little grand children who grow so fast.

The Snoozy is now parked in Josh and Ami’s back yard for the Christmas holidays. We will be using it as an extra guest room before heading further south soon after New Years Day.



I retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management a few years ago and with Sue retiring also we decided to try the life of seasonal nomads. Two of our three grown children live in the south and the winter in Michigan seems to get colder every year in spite of global warming so we are wandering through Florida with occasional stops to see the kids.

The tiny trailer idea comes from Sue’s notion to try a more minimalist life-style and my love for building things and technical gadgets. Believe me, this little trailer is one big gadget. Plus I’ve got my new hobby with me wherever we go.